Testimonials and Clientele

We have collaborated with strategic partners that have more than 10 years experience in the placement processes to international institutions.

No matter what a man’s past may have been, his future is spotless, in order for a person to achieve great things in life he should associate himself with people who have eager to success and he must also have future plans and goals.

I learnt that a person must believe and have confidence in himself, somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known, which is me. Being coached by Bulichule has taught me various skills in all aspect of life. A person should appreciate what he has and he doesn’t have to bother to be better than contemporaries than enhancing himself

N. Tshiluna


My interaction with Bulichule has taught me self improvement by reading newspapers and associating myself with focused people. Furthermore I had a chance to meet other bursary holders where we exchanged information amongst ourselves that would contribute towards our studies. I will enclose by saying “dare to be different

K. Selepe


Being part of this Bulichule programme has contributed a lot to my personal development and gave me a glimpse of what to expect in the world of work and the behavior that is expected when one is working.  In order to improve our working experience and to be able to gain experience, we were advised to be involved in a lot of community services. We were advised to behave ethically regarding our bursaries, to avoid being involved in any misconduct


The following influential skill is what I have acquired in a nutshell and it will help me wherever I go, the aspects of cooperation: SHARING; LISTENING; TRUSTING; COMMUNICATION

SHARING – Together we can make things happen, this indicates that, one stick broke easily but a bundle is impossible.

LISTENING – listening is a skill; one should listen attentively and respond where necessary, with listening one compile a vast knowledge always to things that make sense where you see you can produce.

TRUSTING – Be faithful to the people you work with always, wherever you give a service mostly give love to all.

COMMUNICATION – Address where necessary in a proper manner mainly where needed, make sure you keep time for production and remember time is money.

All in all the training was well conducted; I really appreciate the work that Bulichule did for us



The training that we had with Bulichule was a great method to prepare us for a lot of things that we going to come across at some stage in our careers and personal lives. We learned about what to expect at work places and what is expected of us. We also learned about certain things that you should do to develop yourself and how to present yourself at your workplace. The most important thing that I learned was the things that should be avoided that could block your career development



One of the things we learnt during the training was to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and always aim to understand more about ourselves and our goals in life.  It is important to have a picture of the path one wants to take towards our future and have goals that are measurable and must have a time frame. We also learnt that self-awareness is important

P. Thamae


I felt that the training was very beneficial. I enjoyed learning about things that I may never have been taught elsewhere such as how to format and present a CV; presentation skills; how to present myself to others; and the importance of networking. I would definitely recommend it for other people and I think follow up sessions would be great too

A. Gaga


In the first semester I was really over whelmed about the work overload I have to study. My spirit and self-esteem was really low, until I came to the training. I realised am not the only one with challenges, talking with other fellow student who are experiencing the same things really help as we exchanged tips on how to improve our situations.

The topics we dealt with made me discover myself and organise my life style.  I also realise how strong one has to be in order to succeed in life and to be true to yourself and act professional at all time as we are bound to face difficult challenges in the corporate world.  THANK YOU Bulichule!



The life coaching that I was experienced to was a building block/step towards building confidence and employability skills. The Employability Skills Training provided by Bulichule Training & Consulting was a great initiative which helped us greatly. I was put in a situation whereby I was with people from different backgrounds and whom I didn’t know before but we all have the same dream, to be successful in life and help improve the situation back home.


The first day of the training was challenging, because it took me out of my comfort zone and I had to present a prepared topic, and that being my biggest weakness. I was even scared of coming back the second day. I asked myself a question “am I a quitter?” and after thinking carefully about it, I said if I quit now I will never be successful. I finished the three day training and I must admit it changed my perception about life and made me a better organised person. We shared secrets on how to manage our studies and get distinctions, and they are really helping me a lot.


In closing the training was helpful and I can go to any interview with confidence and get the job.  I wish they could do it again next year, and help other students prosper



I learnt that through networking one can create a positive image in a work place. I think the aim was to equip us before getting to the corporate world. In closing I really would like to thank Bulichule for guarding me, educating me throughout this training until I saw the potential in me that I am ready for the outside world. Thank you again R.Mmakgaha


Putting your mind to something and seeing its possibility is a powerful tool in becoming successful, this motivation was aided by examples of individuals who made a story to tell through their success. To speak for every individual that attended the training, we would like to thank Bulichule for organizing the training

D. Mnguni