Our Services

We have collaborated with strategic partners that have more than 10 years experience in the placement processes to international institutions.

Our Services

Desktop preparation

  • Parent/student coaching workshop
  • Donor’s expectation is expressed
  • Consolidation of paperwork

Socio Economic Impact

  • Evaluate the socio impact on students performance;
  • Advise the donor on the findings;
  • Intervention strategy is introduced where necessary;

Monitoring Programme

  • Students are received at their preferred destinations
  • Place in relevant institutions and accommodations
  • Induction process is conducted
  • The donor is informed of the student’s academic progress
  • Individual and group counselling sessions are conducted
  • Formation of Peer in different institutions
  • Safe guarding companies investment by minimising dropout rate;
  • Monitor academic progress of individual student; and
  • Consult with relevant specialist from different faculties in different institutions

Work Place Readiness Programme

  • Assist students for potential employment
  • Introduce productive working relationship
  • Assist in personal and document presentation
  • Report & CV Writing
  • Dress code & Social Interaction
  • Communication skills (verbal and writing)
  • Work ethics

Academic Progress

  • Student and Donor Contractual obligation;
  • Stipulation of Donor Expectations;
  • Relationship building with all relevant parties;
  • Induction of new processes;
  • Management of Donor’s finances

Intervention Strategy

  • Quarterly visits are conducted for wellness and academic progress
  • Social media utilisation is introduced (skyping, etc.)
  • Institution relations is built
  • Early dictation of poor performance is identified through internationally co-ordinators

Our Achiements

Bulichule Training & Consulting has internal capacity to effectively administrate and implement the Student Support Management Programme.  Bulichule is a highly experienced company which has been in operation for 11 years and the team combined experience of over 20 years.  We are nationally situated in business with a backup support of highly efficient administrative staff.